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This coincides with my own conviction that Modern Medicine is prone to engage in social engineering to the detriment of the traditional ethical value of medicine "The main thing - do no harm." For me, it is obvious that modern
doctors will do almost everything to prevent women from having children, especially if they are black, yellow, uneducated or poor. They are so “brainwashed” by birth control fans that even experiments on millions of women will
not seem to them canadian pharmacy no rx request to be too high a payment for reducing birth rates among socially unprotected women or in developing countries of the world. Therefore, they violate their medical oath and develop involutionary infertility in
free hospitals. And they continue to carry out unjustified hysterectomies, prescribe carcinogenic hormones, use unsafe and untested IUDs, and use all methods of birth control that only they or drug makers can invent.
Every woman who is attracted even a little by the concept of indiscriminate control over population growth should ask herself whether she trusts her doctor to play the role of God. Should Modern Medicine promote a double
counterstrike against a population explosion, killing some women to prevent others from being born? Before answering this question, every woman needs to ask herself whether she will accept this heinous offer if her own life is
at stake. But this is indeed the case, because Modern Medicine Has more than once demonstrated that the experiments that it initially conducted on the poor harm all, even the rich.
Applicants know that fifty to sixty of them will fight for each place at the medical faculty, and only the most aggressive and unprincipled will be able to survive in this fight. They soon realize that in order to survive in
this struggle, one must demonstrate blind devotion to the conservative, self-serving, often unreasonable dogma of the curriculum, cheat and brainwash colleagues at the first opportunity, fiddle with the internship managers and
hospital staff as soon as possible.
Communicating with the staff surgeons of the hospitals with which they assist, the interns in surgery are trained in other, more harmful things. They legit online pharmacy learn to hide the risks and possible side effects from patients, which are
the result of almost all operations. They learn that doctors cover each other’s mistakes. They are trained to “sell” unnecessary or questionable procedures, as if they were engaged in the sale of used cars. As a result of all
this, the sick people, whom they once “took care of”, turn into very lucrative pieces of meat.
My colleagues, heads of national medical faculties, boast that this educational process, in which the most suitable canadian pharmacy cialis survive, guarantees the best medical care in the world to Americans. According to my observations, doctors are
taught to provide various types of medical and surgical interventions, but I do not see any significant signs of “help” in this. Eligible really survive, but what are they suitable for? They survive in a heartless system, which
very often sifts out the best and most courageous — students of compassionate, honest, capable, creative, and courageous to resist the destruction of their own moral and ethical standards.
Novice doctors who completed the internship in surgery, unfortunately, very well learned the name of the game - "radical intervention." Too often, patient comfort and future well-being are not the goal of their work, surgery
becomes valuable in itself.
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